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What Sets HEUG apart from other User Groups?

By Kelly Wilker posted 05-26-2021 05:45 PM



By now you all have experienced that the HEUG helps connect people to share strategies and best practices with their products. With multiple user groups today, the HEUG is proud to standout above other organizations in these ways:

  1. HEUG is a non-profit and independent organization that truly advocates on behalf of its members.
  2. As an independent user group, members hear real feedback about systems.
  3. Higher Education organizations are rarely strictly PeopleSoft. The HEUG provides a community to navigate the diverse landscape of Higher Ed systems.
  4. Members work together to develop the best business processes for all types of system configurations.
  5. The HEUG provides you access to third-party vendors that provide proven solutions.

Whether you are a long-time member, new member, or looking to join, the Higher Education User Group will give you access to specialized and/or current content as well as networking with 1000’s of professionals around the world.


Kelly Wilker

VP of Engagement