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Placement Testing for New Students - Custom Built and Third Party  

05-18-2015 09:16 AM

Placing students in the proper level of classes which are considered to be the best match to their skills ensures that they are both challenged and successful. With new students, this is accomplished through various placement tests. For the Mathematics, we have chosen the ALEKS third party system. Our student self-service environment contains a link that seamlessly brings the student to their test environment. Encrypted ID and passwords are in place so that the student can take the test and subsequently we can download the results easily and securely. For our Writing Assessments, we created a custom design. We store a library of articles that we can choose from for any given testing period. The articles, geared to both English and English as second language students, each have a series of questions associated with them. At the time the student is to take the test, the system will randomly select one of the articles and one of the associated questions. Readers then have a powerful front end tool (based on our Department Center), to access/read/score each of the student submissions.

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