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Automation and Notifications for Student Success 

05-04-2017 04:45 PM

Cerritos College embarked on a efficiency transformation project with the key objectives of reducing the processing time, increasing student engagement, educating students of their responsibilities and finally empowering them to do it themselves. One of the cornerstones of the initiative was the implementation of a Automation Engine bolt-on that was highly efficient, robust and easily configurable. We are now able to administer everything that students or staffs need (Service Indicator, Checklist Items, Messages, Checklists, etc.) for financial aid and other areas with a single process. Additionally, for future aid years, functional staff can add or modify conditions without the need for any development. We are now able to significantly reduce our processing time and deliver superior service to their student community. To top it off, we are able to retire many of our homegrown processes and customizations. Cerritos College utilizes HighPoint Message Center to achieve a phenomenal success rate for its communications. Message Center is an enhancement to PeopleSoft that is used to send messages with a query driven process to deliver adhoc messages to a single student. Message Center runs within PeopleSoft and does not require any external application to communicate with students. We can engage in a threaded conversation with the student and also track the messages effectively. In addition, push notification capabilities notifies them of the new message without them logging into the application. We have capabilities to recall messages sent accidentally and expire them as well. Students can access the Message Center via PeopleSoft Student Center or their mobile application and easily reply and/or archive their messages.

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