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Using Activity Guides - A Panel 

10-09-2018 03:53 PM

This presentation will not cover how to create the Activity Guide. Once you’ve conquered the Activity Guide - how do you process the student’s response?
Illinois Central College will demonstrate:
• Assignment of Activity Guide
• Notify student of “To Do”
• Assign Checklist Item (optional)
• Assign Service Indicator (staff read only for tracking-optional)
• Document student response with aid year Comment (Yes/No – View Financial Aid Status)
• If “no” – turn off Financial Aid Access on Self Service
• Drive email selection for required communications based on Comment (if “NO” must send letter)

UW-Milwaukee will demonstrate setup and functionality related to their FAFSA reminder activity guide. The activity guide is assigned for those who have not filed a FAFSA and requires them to acknowledge they have read this message. Notification framework is used to to send an email alerting them of the activity guide to complete. Secondary processes are run via equation engine to update statuses of these activity guides to complete if filed or new aid processing has started.

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