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Creating Web Services to improve PeopleSoft Integration 

10-12-2018 12:00 AM

Integration for PeopleSoft to PeopleSoft using a Web Service may seem like reinventing the wheel as the integration is baked into the Integration Broker. We discovered that integration broker sometimes uses different end-points for handling communications. In our case, we wanted to create a CRM support case from Campus Solutions (CS).

The delivered CRM Web Service was designed to recognize third-party systems only; when trying to process calls from CS, it defaulted to standard Integration Broker protocol. As a workaround, we designed an additional Web Service to mediate these communications. In a nutshell, we created a middleware Web Service that emulates a third-party system from the CRM perspective.

There are two main benefits to this approach - we can use the middleware to create cases from our CS/HR/Fin systems; secondly, this middleware will be used to mediate requests from multiple other third-party sources without exposing our CRM system to the public.

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