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PDL/ File Parser: How to make it work for you 

06-05-2017 06:16 PM

At Washington State University, maximizing File Parser's ability and flexibility has completely changed how we look at new projects and even how to make current process more efficient. WSU is currently in the process of using File Parser to eliminate a PDL customization that is becoming to time consuming to maintain. WSU is also currently working on loading 4 additional application files from a variety of sources. File Parser is also being heavily used in loading all of our test scores. It allows for better adaption to the changes that inevitably come from the testing agencies. ACT, AP, EDTPA, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and SAT are the main ones that use file parser for loading. When are also in the testing phase of loading other Washington State school's transcripts via File Parser. When combined with Queries, File Parser takes the time consuming daily tasks and simplifies life. WSU has automated many parts of loading Transfer Credit Rules from the majority of the United States. It is also used to update Advisers assigning to students who change or certify into majors. In Financial Aid, File Parser is used to attach awards and disbursements to students. WSu also uses File Parser to update Bio/Demo data to its students by utilizing Constituent Data Loads. This is used for updating addresses, phone numbers, and emails for students in collection. File Parser has also been used by WSU to correct specific issues that effect a large population, such as ethnicity/race codes, setting primary flags, visa codes, or residency. This presentation will go over the basics of File Parser, Constituent Transaction Management, and Search/ match as they are used with PDL/application loads and Constituent Data Loads. The presentation will also show some of the examples listed above.

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