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Managing Holistic Reviews with Evaluation Management 

10-10-2018 11:33 AM

In preparation for fall 2018 processing, Northern Illinois University (NIU) implemented PeopleSoft's delivered Evaluation Management System. Previously holistic evaluations for our alternate admissions program CHANCE were conducted outside of PeopleSoft, which presented a myriad of challenges from reporting to applicant tracking and several other things in between. By leveraging the delivered Evaluation Management System and the associated workflow/worklist functionality we have moved this entire review process into PeopleSoft. As a result, we now have a streamlined process that provides applicant tracking allowing us to know what is happening with ALL applications throughout the process, clear and consistent reporting, more secure data and so much more. CHANCE staff members who conduct the evaluations also now have a one stop shop for all of the information they need to conduct transcript reviews, personal statement evaluations, interview evaluations and record comments. Come see how this functionality can be setup easily by functional staff with little or no technical assistance, including workflow and the worklist/workcenter functionality. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to conduct and review evaluations using this functionality.

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