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Ineligible Plan Checklist & Service Indicator Tracking (mostly delivered) 

10-09-2018 11:12 AM

Delivered Service Indicator functionality allows student to see exactly which terms they are Ineligible for aid, allows awarding, but blocks authorization/disbursement for the term. Delivered Checklist functionality allows 3C event to control initial assignment, completion, re-assignment of the Checklist Item as needed. Based on where you are in an aid year, you can control if the Checklist needs to be open or completed to allow authorization/disbursement at an Item Type level (provided there is no SI for that term).
Basic example – student is Ineligible for Fall term but IS Eligible for Spring. The SI for Fall will block auth/disb and SAP should be TERM (no hours). At Fall Census they should get canceled out of any full year packaging plans. Once they declare a valid major for Spring – SAP for Spring will be “ok”, they should then be assigned a Spring Only packaging plan. The SI for Fall is still viewable by the student on Self Service and should help explain why they are receiving aid for Spring but NOT for Fall.
Queries pull Eligible FA Hours from a custom table/viewable page by Plan, Effective Date, and Effective Term. This allows the FA department to process the same plan differently for separate terms (ie. Spring 2018 not eligible, but IS eligible for Fall 2018). Any process requiring evaluation of FA Eligible Hours looks at this custom table.

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