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Best Customizations that You Can Do - Easily and Quickly 

06-09-2015 02:11 PM

This talk reprises last years standing room only presentation. We've also updated with new ideas. With so many projects facing us from year to year, we sometimes miss the opportunity to make simple changes. This talk will show many of these small yet very worthwhile changes that have been applauded by faculty, advisors, staff and students alike. Many of these ideas originated from other schools on the list service and past conferences. Examples of what you will see include helpful improvements to the Student Center, Faculty Center and Advising Center. One of our main points of emphasis over the years is an expanded email capability that includes adding attachments. You will see many examples of on-line and batch email processes. Look at creative ways to use service indicators. Our Student Weekly Schedules have ‘travel warning blocks’ for those with back to back inter-campus classes. Copied from a design presented last year, a brief overview of Mid-term Progress grades which are key to increasing student retention. Of technical merit, the talk will include the benefits and the way to color code your databases. Know at a glance when the error on the screen is not production. Code for will be lightly discussed for most of the items in the talk. Finally, one of our newest customizations is called the Department Center. This is where list of students are generated based on dozens of parameters. It is a simple compilation of these variables that generate lists of students. You can choose between a grid full of information or standardized reports. The grid version includes the standard ‘Notify’ checkboxes for email and of course can be downloaded to Excel. Deans, Department Chairs and other staff members will find this to be one of the most useful utilities in the system. One feature that they will find themselves using on a regular basis. Many more items will be provided in this fast paced discussion of the simple changes that make a big difference.

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