Alliance 2011

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To Split or Not to Split . . . That is the Question

Session Number: 29902
Track: Vendor
Sub-Categorization: Project Management & Life Cycle
Session Type: Vendor
Tags: Campus Solutions, Human Capital System, Human Resources Management System, Integration, PeopleSoft, planning, Split, Upgrade
Primary Presenter: Fionn Chin Yee [Manager (Focus in Campus Solutions and Advisory) - Deloitte]
Co-Presenter: Lisa King [Functional Analyst - Nova Scotia Community College]
Time: Mar 29, 2011 (09:30 AM - 10:30 AM)
Room: 107

CPE Session: No
Learning Objectives from Session: To gain an understanding on how Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) gathered and analyzed information about the CS 9.0 / HRMS 9.1 split and integration, and how NSCC came to their decisions. This session will provide you the opportunity to learn from their experiences that may help other organization as they gather, analyze and decide for themselves.
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.0
Level of Customization: None or N/A
Project Phase: Upgrade
Project Go Live: N/A
Target Audience: All
Audience Level: General
Your Training in this Area:

Description:  To improve their processes and gain a competitive advantage, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) was recently faced with a difficult yet critical decision of where to go next. Currently on CS/HCM v8.9 environment in a combined database, NSCC needed to decide whether to: upgrade to CS 9.0 and HCM 9.1 and perform a split/integration OR upgrade to CS/HCM 9.0 and remain in a combined database for the foreseeable future.

Join us as we share how NSCC successfully completed the planning phase for its next CS and HCM upgrade along with Deloitte’s support. You will hear first hand on the information that was gathered, the analysis that was completed, and its critical success factors in coming to their final decision.

Topics include: current status of NSCC PeopleSoft systems; the search for information including research on HEUG; meetings with Oracle and Deloitte; upgrade options; integration options if splitting CS and HRMS; NSCC use cases required for integration; analysis of the options and use cases; decision factors; and next steps.

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