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Dude, Where’s My Budget? An Innovative Budget-Entry Solution in Hyperion Planning

Session Number: 29361
Track: Budgeting and Planning
Sub-Categorization: Hyperion Planning
Session Type: Case Study
Tags: All Funds, Budgeting, Essbase, Hyperion, Hyperion Planning, planning
Primary Presenter: Jason Shaffner [Director, Financial Systems Solutions - Harvard University]
Time: Mar 28, 2011 (12:45 PM - 01:45 PM)
Room: 712

CPE Session: Yes
Learning Objectives from Session: • Overview of Hyperion Planning implementation at Harvard University.
• Learn how Hyperion Planning can support detailed budgeting at institutions with large chart of accounts.
• Observe features such as suppression, right-click menus, and security and how they can be used in concert to streamline navigation of data entry web forms in Hyperion Planning.
• Discuss techniques for effectively managing continuous improvement through post-mortem reviews, focus groups, pilot programs, and iterative development.

Product: Hyperion
Version Presenting: Hyp 9.x
Level of Customization: None or N/A
Project Phase: Production
Project Go Live: Q2 2010
Target Audience: All
Audience Level: Intermediate
Your Training in this Area: More than 10 years of experience leading information systems projects across higher education. Three years in direct management of budget and planning systems.

Description:  After Harvard University completed its first full budget cycle using Hyperion Planning v9.3.x, one of the concerns raised by the more than 900 end users was the difficulty of navigating complex budgets, especially for financial analysts and budget directors who manage dozens of funds, cost centers, projects, or grants. Much to the project team’s surprise, the same complaint arose time and again: “I can’t find my budget!”

Using standard Hyperion Planning functionality (and a ton of creativity), Harvard developed a network of interconnected data entry web forms that allow planners to drill-down from their high-level budget to the lowest level seven-segment chart of account budget. The end result is 50% report, 50% data form, and 100% geared toward improving the user experience and simplifying the process of entering budgets and forecasts.

Learn how Harvard solicited feedback from its user community, piloted an initial prototype, and delivered a robust new solution to the community.

NOTE: The techniques applied at Harvard, although implemented in 9.3.x are equally applicable to the 11.x.x versions.

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