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Lindsey Konerza is an IT Systems Analyst at the University of Minnesota and has been with the university for 17 years. She currently serves on the TRAG Integrations working group, the Student Cloud Task Force, and the 2022 Alliance Program Task Force. She focuses on bringing the technology landscape to the business with strong communication skills and high empathy. She values collaboration and mentorship within the higher education industry and across the vendor space. The more knowledge that is she can bring along with her HEUG peers help make better-informed decisions as individuals but also strategically as a whole.

Lindsey recently gained her Master of Security Technology with a focus in Cybersecurity in December 2021. Her capstone research focused on higher education's role in refining integration governance through partnership. Her passion is bringing forward conversations around integration technology, governance, and management.

Lindsey lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with her husband Jake and one son. In her spare time, she is on the U of MN women’s golf league and the U of MN bowling league. She enjoys running, reading books, capture the flag events, jigsaw puzzles, baking, and carting her 7yr old to hockey and various sporting events.