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My Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was obtained from the University of Kansas in 2003.  By the summer of 2020 I will have completed my MBA through the University of Kansas (KU) as well.  I am currently a Senior Functional Systems Analyst and have held various accounting positions in my 10 years at KU.

I have been working in Oracle Financials Cloud for over three years and am currently the General Ledger team lead as well as the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) reporting team lead.  I helped implement both of these modules when we went Live in December of 2017 and continue to support both areas.

In addition, I am also the system admin for our Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS).  I was the team lead in implementing PBCS at the University of Kansas (KU), which went Live in January 2017.  Administering security, maintaining data forms, reports and business rules are all tasks under my purview.  KU leverages multiple in-bound and out-bound interfaces involving PBCS which has allowed us to achieve our business requirements.  Receiving monthly PBCS patches provide a steady stream of new functionality from Oracle.