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I received my MA in Higher Education & Student Affairs from The Ohio State University in 1997, knowing that I wanted to work in some capacity in student services but unsure of the specific direction I should take.  I wanted to help students to identify and accomplish their goals, to support them in making the world a better place. I worked in admissions for a few years but life on the road was not for me. I strayed for a while, working in a state government office where I oversaw the development of a custom computer information system for tracking clients and benefits of a state fuel assistance program, but politics was also not my world and I began as a Registrar with the Sackler School for Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University in 2003.

The world of the registrar at a small school like the Sackler School was a great fit for me. I was able to feed my love of data and reporting while also meeting with students and supporting them in achieving their goals. I spent five years at the Sackler School then moved to the registrar seat at another school at Tufts – the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs – which had a larger student population and a more complex degree structure. I had even more opportunity to work directly with students who were going on to accomplish amazing things.

In 2011 I was asked to be the “Records Team Functional Lead” on the Tufts PeopleSoft implementation project. I led the 9 other registrars at Tufts in learning the ins and outs of Campus Solution, setting up the system in a way that would best serve their needs, modifying policies and practices to take advantage of the new system, and requesting customizations where we could not make the system fit.  Two years later we were up and running, and I transitioned onto the SIS Support Team, now helping the faculty, students and staff of Tufts to navigate and get the most out of this strange new world of PeopleSoft that they had found themselves now living in. I believe that my current situation plays best to my skills and interests: I am combining my drive to support the success of some of the best and brightest who will shape our future with my love of problem-solving, reporting and technology.

My focus within the SIS Support Team is on the Campus Community and Student Records modules, with particular emphasis on Student Enrollments, Graduation Processing & Graduation Tracking, Student Transcripts, Query Writing, and 3Cs Communications & Checklists as well as any other issue that may pop up from day to day.


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