Ms. Thara Baker-Alley

University of Missouri System

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I began working at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2011 as a programmer in the Financial Aid office.  Prior to that, I was a database administrator for a rural K-12 school district in mid-Missouri.  The school district was an early participant in the eMints learning program.  The learning curve to transition to Campus Solutions and financial aid was significant but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges.  In particular, I gravitated towards implementing delivered CS functionality to replace mods.  In 2017, I joined the Enterprise Application Services (EAS) team at the UM system level.  In this role, I am able to work with users from the four campuses in the University of Missouri system.  My primary areas of responsibility are Student Financials and Financial Aid.  I have a BS in Computer Information Systems and a BS and Masters in Forestry.  My early career as a forester is what led me to work with databases and focused my passion for optimizing technology to help people do their jobs as effectively as possible.