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Steve Shores started with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering and has worked in many areas in his career. From a strong background in equipment maintenance for cement, refinery and power industry clients, to helping NASA maintain their support structures at Kennedy Space Center, Steve brings a depth of world experience to his current job. In the summer of 2015, Ciber designated Steve to be the Director in charge of creating Ciber’s Oracle methodology for Cloud implementation.

Instead of following existing paths using traditional approaches, he focused on creating an implementation methodology matched to the way the Oracle software was created. He is the principal designer of Ciber’s Straight A’s Cloud implementation methodology. As such, he was Ciber’s expert on all phases of Oracle Cloud implementation. He was the project manager for Ciber’s first Cloud financials implementation and recently led the team that did the implementation for the first Oracle client live with all Oracle products for HCM, payroll, time and labor and finance.

Steve now leads Oracle Cloud implementations for Highstreet.

In addition to his professional career, Steve has published 26 articles for publications and conferences, authored a text book on Reliability Engineering, and wrote and published the book Like a Child.