Ms. Deanne Wright

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I’ve been a member of Ryerson University’s Office of the Registrar since 2002, beginning in Admissions and then transferring to the Curriculum Management unit, which is responsible for Academic Advising, Degree Audit, Publications (of the University Calendar and Student Guide, including maintenance of course catalog data), and coding curriculum in support of Scheduling. We implemented Campus Solutions 8.9 in 2005 and upgraded to 9.0 in 2008. I played a supporting role in the change management process with the original implementation, and became the functional lead for the upgrade project. I was the functional lead for Academic Advisement, academic structure-related components in SACR, and catalog-related parts of Student Records. We've been on CS 9.2 since 2016. In the fall of 2020, I became the Assistant Registrar for Curriculum Management. Supported by a wonderful set of colleagues in my department, I work closely with other senior managers, our Business Analysts and other functional leads, as well as faculty and staff, to improve administrative processes and enhance the student experience.

I have been a member of the Academic Advising Advisory Group since 2016.

I am known for being curious and persistent; I try to bring a sense of humour and perspective to everything I do.