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Gareth Green is a Communications Specialist for UW-Shared Services Service Operations, which supports the University of Wisconsin System's installation of PeopleSoft HCM (commonly referred to as 'HRS').  With 20+ different institutions located across the state, and with an annual payroll of over $3 Billion, UW System's HCM implementation was one of the most ambitious and complex PeopleSoft Higher Education implementations in history. Gareth served on the Training Team for the HRS implementation, as well as acting as the Communications lead for UW-Madison, the flagship campus for the UW System.

Prior to his work in the HR area, Gareth held a help desk and training role in the implementation of PeopleSoft Financials (also known as the 'Shared Financial System' or 'SFS') at UW-Madison, as well as providing advice and consultation to the implementation team for e-Reimbursement.  He has the distinction of having configured the original Org Tree in PS Financials for UW-Madison, and is old enough to remember having to kick Sparky a time or two.