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University of Colorado

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University of Colorado



I am the acting Associate Director of Financial Aid Operations at University of Colorado Denver, where I’ve been continually engaged in project management as well as business process analysis and improvement.   While I’ve only been working in Campus Solutions and Financial Aid for the past four years, I have benefited from being able to draw from my 15 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Administration and managing in IT Support teams.

I have worked with the Campus Solutions product as a functional user, a technical lead, a software developer, as well as a business analyst.  I have enjoyed learning from the experts around me, as well as through the HEUG’s online resources and conferences, and I’m excited to give back to the community.

I have a particular interest in finding ways to better leverage delivered functionality in creative ways. Additionally, I’m driven to find opportunities to optimally supplement CS with other platforms, where nimble process solutions can be refined, to provide improvements in efficiency and user experience, as well as provide insight for more robust long-term development strategies.  For example, I’ve developed applications and integrations with SharePoint, Acuity, OnBase, Formstack, and others toward managing several critical processes. These stop-gap solutions expedited removal of a reliance on spreadsheets and email, provide data validation and staff load-balancing, and all while streamlining extract and import processes with CS components and providing feedback loops and a roadmap for fully integrated solutions.

I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology, and especially about helping people learn to love the tools available to them.  I’m always interested in hearing what is working for others, or diving into what is not working as well as we’d like, and I’m always amazed at the supportive community that is HEUG.   I look forward to being engaged in the community for years to come.