Dr. Jessica Muehlberg

Stanford University

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Stanford University



I have worked in higher education since 2003, largely in roles with Enrollment Services or Information Technology.  My first implementation was with the University of Nevada (2008-2013) where I served as the module lead for Student Records and a co-lead for Campus Community.  Eventually my position grew to include the management of student records, admissions, campus community and reporting.

In 2014 I moved to Harvard University to work on their implementation of Campus Solutions.  I served as the Product Manager for Curriculum and Enrollment and worked extensively the the various Harvard Registrar's to maximize their use of PeopleSoft.

In 2019 I moved to Stanford University to take over as their Associate Registrar for Curriculum Management and Scheduling. 

During my time at Nevada, I also earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus in Higher Education Administration in 2013.