Mrs. Maureen Knight-Burrell

Northwestern University

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Northwestern University



I have over thirty years of experience in higher education business applications where I developed deep knowledge of the functional side of the higher education business in addition to having extensive technical knowledge of Higher education administrative applications and systems. In addition, I was the technical lead for the Student Financials module from 2000-2005, and I have hands-on experience with PeopleSoft tools and technology.

As Application System Manager I have managed the upgrade from 8.0 to Campus Solution 9.0, Tools 8.49, Tools 8.50, Tools 8.52, and more recently Tools 8.54. In addition, I managed our 11g database upgrade, and more recently 12c database upgrade with the Tools 8.54 upgrade. I also manage development projects, REGS and Bundle upgrades, and maintenance and support for all modules of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions product suite and integration of CS with other ERP’s and school-based student applications. Also, I have been part of the CIC TechForum planning team representing Northwestern University for the 2009, 2011, and the 2013 conference. I also participate in many leadership activities at Northwestern, and have completed leadership, and leadership coaching workshops at our Kellogg School of management.

I am committed to HEUG and I have been an active member since 2002; I subscribe to most of the list serves, where I sometimes share solutions, but most often get solutions and helpful hints for my team, and our functional areas. I have also presented number times across various tracks at the Alliance conferences. Furthermore, I have participated in several information sharing sessions with other schools; here in the U.S, Australia, and Glasgow in the U.K.

In addition, I have participated on several focus groups with Oracle giving advice and input on Student Financials Self-Service, Fusion Requirements, Campus Solutions/HRMS integration and Oracle Search Engine, and the HRMS database split discussion, and requirements working group. I also had the pleasure of serving on the Student Financials PAG, where I served as Track co-chair, and then Track Chair.

Furthermore, I have served on the HEUG membership committee, and collaborated on the successful implementation of the HEUG membership process. As a board member I have participated in important decisions to strengthen the HEUG organization, and have carried out tasks to support the HEUG strategic initiatives; specifically, I coordinated a working group to develop a best practice document for the Issues Tracker process, which in now named the Product Enhancement Tracker. Also, in my role as VP of Communications and Membership for the HEUG board, I have been liaison to the Student Financials PAG, the Admissions PAG, the Young Professionals committee, and the Volunteer committee. I have represented the board at other conferences, such as MIDHEUG, and at the South Africa HEUG conference.

This year I completed 8 years as a HEUG board members, it was the most rewarding experience; specifically, participating in the growth and development of the HEUG; I am grateful to have worked with wonderful people, and thankful for all the support.

Since rolling off the HEUG board, I was nominated and received the HEUG Hall of Fame award; I am humbled and appreciative of the community support for this award. I am also now Associate Director at Northwestern Information Technology, for Application Development and Operations, with the responsibility of PeopleSoft Campus Solution, HCM, and Financial technical teams.