Mr. Brian Skelding

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 For the past decade, I have served higher education institutions in both a consulting capacity as well as a full time employee at both large and small institutions.  I have a unique set of skills and experiences in both functional and technical leadership roles supporting a variety of areas such as admissions, finance, student accounts, financial aid, payroll, and registration.

I have had the privilege of serving as a Financials Advisory member this past year, filling in as an alternate representative.  It has been a great experience and hope to remain a part of this incredible group.

During my fifteen plus years as a leader I have been able to identify new approaches to challenging issues, cast vision to my team members, and empower these members to achieve success.  My leadership responsibilities are varied ranging from strategic planning at the executive level to leading large teams of cross functional resources. The projects I lead are often highly visible, complex initiatives involving numerous technical and functional resources from both an internal resource pool as well as sub-contracted partners.

Currently, I serve as assistant director for financial systems at the University of Michigan.  This role is tasked with developing the product strategy and roadmap for the entire financials suite supporting a sizable campus, premier health system, as well as a medical school.  Our current focus is on identifying opportunities where we can leverage existing offerings to provide immediate value.  Additionally, we want to ensure the university is well positioned for what the future may hold through services such as infrastructure as a service and full blown cloud offerings.  The university currently utilizes a full range of Peoplesoft financial products including but not limited to ePro, AP, PO, Inventory, Supplier Maintenance, AM, GL, KK, AR, and BI in addition to a number of home grown modules.  In addition to the Financials product the University of Michigan is deeply integrated with Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management.  Likewise, we also have relationships with providers such as SciQuest (Jaggaer), Concur, and TouchNet and understand how these providers compliment Peoplesofts functionality.

As Director of Business Systems at Bowling Green State University I led teams responsible for the complete Financials Suite  (GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, KK, AM, PC) as well as had responsibility for student financials and support for payroll.  During my tenure at BGSU I have led a number of functional and technical initiatives including various Peoplesoft upgrades, technical overhauls, and business process reforms.  Additionally, my teams were tasked with developing, managing, and supporting integrations to third party providers such as CashNet and SciQuest.

If selected, I look forward to utilizing my business acumen, technical aptitude, and leadership skills to advance the HEUG’s mission and ensure higher education continues to be a prominent voice with Oracle / Peoplesoft community.