Mr. Máirtín (Marty) Mag Uidhir

University of Newcastle

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University of Newcastle



I have worked at the University of Newcastle, Australia for over ten years, always working in student support and administration. In my varied roles I've have always been a user of Campus Solutions. In 2010, I managed UON's implementation of RightNow CX, now known as Oracle Service Cloud, and subsequently, the implementation of Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) and Oracle Social Cloud.

These latter implementations came while I was heading UON Student Central's new Digital Development & Projects team. This team is focussed on full exploitation of the Oracle CX products' functionalities for automation, communication and business improvement.

I have been a HEUG member since 2012 and have presented at conferences every year since at Alliance Down Under and at Alliance every year since 2015.

I was integral to the building of the CRM track and community in ANZ and have been track chair since commencement of the track proper in 2013.

I joined the CRM AG as an alternate in 2013 and became a full member in 2014. I became CRM AG chair in 2017 and have worked hard with colleagues to move the CRM AG from one product focus, to multiple products, and ultimately, a greater focus on business process and business problems and opportunities rather than specific products and functionalities.

Since late 2017, I have been working collaboratively with the Board and CR AG to amalgamate CRM and CR AGs into the Constituent Experience and Advancement (CXA) Advisory Group.

In 2016 I volunteered for the Cloud Working Group and have continued to contribute actively to those discussions and activities.

I am currently CX AG Communications Officer.