Mr. Suman Deekonda

Florida State College at Jacksonville

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Florida State College at Jacksonville



           With strong passion and enthusiasm to create modern technological solutions, Suman Deekonda has started his Software journey ten years ago. After working for Bank of America and BMW financials clients in India for close to three years, he moved to United States to pursue Master’s degree in Management Information Systems to further hone his technical and leadership skills. He was also a Teaching Assistant for Computational Methods in Statistics course during his masters.

          After graduation in 2014, Suman has started his Higher Education journey with working for Florida State College at Jacksonville on their 9.2 PeopleSoft implementation. His adept code-writing skills, as well as his ability to quickly debug problem components earned him several accolades within the project, Technical Lead position at Manatee Technical College, Sarasota.

         Suman Deekonda has developed a BICS Cloud solution for California's MIS state reporting requirement at San Bernardino Community College district, and later created security framework for San Juaquin Delta College. He is currently working as Security Analyst at Florida State college at Jacksonville, and in process of creating sensitive data audit framework within PeopleSoft system. He is always motivated to create and build unique solutions in Higher Education community, and help the student community grow to success.