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Stellenbosch University



Mr. Brendon Grindlay-Whieldon

Stellenbosch University


I am currently employed at Stellenbosch University tasked with implementing Oracle Financials Cloud.


I completed my high school education in 1998 after which I became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and worked in England for a while updating networks for British Telecom.


Upon my return to South Africa, I started working at Sanlam Life Insurance as a Financial Controller and concurrently started studying for my cost and management accounting diploma by way of evening classes. Having completed my diploma, I started studying the relevant degrees (Under and Post Graduate) to obtain a Chartered Accountant designation. This was done via distance learning as the income from my current employment was funding these studies.


In 2010 my studies had progressed to the point where I had to commence with my articles and necessitated that I move to a new firm to complete it. After the successful completion of my articles and board designated exams. I became a Senior Audit Manager serving a myriad of customers and industries.


In an attempt to not get stuck in the endless rat race of consulting and audit I made the move to Stellenbosch University and have not looked back. At the University I was tasked with performing forensic as well as ethical investigations and assisting with the technical aspects of the migration to the new financial platform. In addition, I also manage the overhead combined assurance model for risk.