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Carla L Boyd

University of Minnesota


Carla has experienced many successful implementations and upgrades since 1999 working with  5 major institutions in both large systems and smaller campuses within a system.  She enjoys leaning in and helping people connect to HEUG.  She t her start volunteering at the early HEUG Dallas conferences and growing to serve on various HEUG and Oracle task forces and working group over the last 20+years.  You also may have met her having a fabulous time and opportunity working others to serve HEUG via the Student Records Product Advisory Group (SRPAG) and the MIDHEUG community.  The SRPAG included members from Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Netherlands, and South Africa during her tenure. Thinking about solutions in collaboration with others from multiple cultural perspectives and with international environmental factors was a tremendous experience and one that continues to influence her work. While student records is her current focus she remains an active contributor to the AA, CC and Project Management communities.  

If you are new to HEUG, her experience as the lead of a large  multi-institution prototype, proof of concept task force might be of value. Additionally her work as a module lead of CC/Adm/AA and co-lead of SR  as a system wide senior business analysts through multi[year implementations and upgrades may be of interest. Currently as the Registrar she brings a stakeholder view to information systems and business process continuous improvement.  Always happy to talk data and details, you will find that her works centers on sustainable innovation that makes a difference in the User Experience (UX) of  students, faculty and staff.