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Rhea Leydig

The Pennsylvania State University


I am currently a Student Records Advisory Group member and enjoy learning from the connections we make through this group. Don't hesitate to reach out if discussing something Penn State has done may help you!

I work with Penn State’s Records, Advising, and Admissions team within the LionPATH (Campus Solutions) Development and Maintenance Organization (LDMO). I am the primary Senior Business Analyst for Academic Advising functionality and Transfer Credit and also work on Records functionality, most significantly with Student Program/Plan, Class Search, Catalog, Query writing, and other functionality as well.

Penn State is known as “one institution, geographically dispersed,” given the 20+ campuses and multiple careers (including 2 law schools), all of which are managed within one Institution in Peoplesoft. We strive to use delivered functionality to its full potential. However, given Penn State’s size, decentralization, and policies, we often modify the system to meet user needs and expectations. This philosophy provides our team with experience with larger modifications such as program/plan stack self-service changes and transfer credit articulation/equivalency modifications, to name a few.

Prior to my business analyst role, I was an academic advisor and leader of various teams including our New Student Orientation College Meeting, Information Technology Team, College of Communications Programs Coordinator, and Diversity Programs Coordinator.