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Jo Ellen Dinucci

Boise State University


Jo Ellen DiNucci is the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration at Boise State University. She has over 30 years of experience in industry and higher education.  She joined Boise State University in 1998.


 Jo Ellen has guided the university through several large scale projects including several ERP upgrades and a chart of accounts redesign; the introduction of Best Value purchasing for large scale service purchases; the implementation of full accrual quarterly financial statements; and, an ambitious ground up review of Financial Information and Human Resource systems in anticipation of the current substantial software renovation and workflow redesign.  Since 1998, she has worked on 18 bond issuances totaling over $411,000,000.  As AVP, she has been a member of the steering committees for the last two university strategic plans.  Jo Ellen enjoys the University, where the environment is dynamic and management is pro-active.  Prior to coming to Boise State, Jo Ellen worked ten years in banking, mortgage banking and real estate and five years for KPMG.


Jo Ellen has presented nationally, including various Higher Education User Group (HEUG) conferences and at the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB).  Jo Ellen, her husband Scott and their children live in Boise and enjoy the diverse activities and beauty that Idaho offers.


Jo Ellen earned her B.A. in Accounting at Michigan State University and is a CPA.