Fluid 101: You won't drown, it's only Fluid!

When:  Jun 22, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
A successful implementation of Fluid requires a lot of pieces to come together and work in cohesion. Not only must the technology aspects align but also the mindset of all users needs to be aligned. When DePaul University upgraded to CS9.2 we had the option to either stay on classic pages or take the opportunity and go to Fluid pages. Going Fluid would mean a very dramatic change to the look and feel of Campus Solutions. In addition, to look and feel, there would also be a huge change to the navigation for all users. In essence, we were going to change the entire portal for our Campus population and that would mean a learning curve and in-depth training for the entire user population. After almost 10 years of little change, this was a large undertaking. This presentation talks about why we made the decision to go Fluid, how we discussed and got buy-in from key areas around the university, how the discussions led to a uniform design of home pages and tiles. This presentation will also talk about the efforts that went into Communication and Training and briefly touch upon the technical aspects of creating Tiles and Navigation collections.

Speaker: Shaheda Taji, Sr. IT Project Manager, DePaul University


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