Birth of the Latin American RUG

I am pleased to report on the success of the recent HEUG fact finding and recruitment trip to Latin America.  For several years, Latin America representatives have attended the Alliance conference, and now it was our turn to return the favor.  A handful of Board members traveled to SENAC Sao Paulo and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogota where we met with both technical and functional representatives to understand the state of their PeopleSoft implementations and their readiness to organize.  What we learned was a lot!  SENAC excited us with the architectural attention paid to ‘green’ design and Javeriana’s multi-media laboratories are indeed world class.  The Brazilians are eager to share the localizations and customizations they have developed, but the breadth of their implementations suggests there is still work to do in cohesively organizing their institutions.  The Colombians, with an impressive number of mature PeopleSoft implementations, are well positioned to begin the formation of a regional group and work toward a regional conference.  We look forward to supporting the efforts of both these institutions in the formulation of the Latin American RUG.


Click here to read, in Spanish, an article Pontificia Universidad Javeriana posted on their website about the HEUG visit to Bogota, Columbia.

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