BOF? What the heck is BOF?

Given that we are higher education, we have to have lots of acronyms, right?  I will use this space to periodically talk about some of the HEUG's acronyms and their importance to you.  Ok, so what is BOF?

BOF stands for 'Birds of a Feather' and is one of the most important sessions you can attend at the Alliance Conference.  Each Product Advisory Group (PAG --- another acronym that I will talk about in another posting) hosts one or two BOF sessions during the Alliance Conference.  So, why are they so important?  BOF is your opportunity to hear what is going on with the PAGs in your areas of interest, meet the members of the PAG, meet other users with your interest, and also have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about the Oracle products covered by the PAG that is hosting the BOF session.  So....

If you are attending Alliance Conferece, check the Tracks that you are interested in and signup for the BOF sessions!  See you there!


Dave Baugh

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