"HEUG Upgrade" Work Group named

In a previous post, I shared the announcement of a new HEUG Board initiative to study how to have the organization structured to continue to meet the needs of its members in the face of this changing higher education environment.  I asked for volunteers to add to the previously named Board members (Criss Laidlaw, Todd Langille, Tina Thorstenson, Jerry Waldon), and you responded!  Joining the group are:

Name                     Institution                                  Location                         Representing
Jane Baratta          Western University                   London, Ontario             Canada
Carla Boyd             U of Minnesota-Duluth             Duluth, MN                     Campus Solutions pillar
Cathy Lloyd            U of California-Berkeley           Berkeley, CA                  Financials pillar
Thomas Mayhew    Harvard University                   Cambridge, MA              HCM pillar
Olivia Roberts         Queens University                   Belfast, Ireland               EMEA
Heather Soesbe      U of Northern Iowa                  Cedar Falls, IA               Young professionals
Nancy Umprehes    U of Arkansas                          Fayetteville, AR              At-large
Greg Wendt            Texas Christian University       Fort Worth, TX                Technical    

Thank you to these volunteers.  We'll keep you posted on our discusions.


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