CS 9.0 Bundle #27/ CS 9.0 Additional Features October 2012 are now available.

CS 9.0 Bundle #27/ CS 9.0 Additional Features October 2012 are now available.  Campus Solutions Additional Features October 2012 includes the following projects:
•    Student Financials
o    Tuition Calculation Waiver Enhancements
o    Student Financials General Ledger Reconciliation Enhancements
•    Student Records
o    Program Enrollment Updates
o    Activity Management Updates
o    Research Tracking Updates
o    Milestone Enhancements
•    Admissions and Recruiting
o    Sample Online Application (SOLA)
o    Admissions Application Program Update Action Reason Process
•    Campus Community
o    Campus Solutions-Oracle Identity Management Integration
o    Delegated Access Phase 1
o    New User Registration Enhancements
o    Common Attribute Framework Updates

Extensive functional documentation is available at My Oracle Support by going to CS 9.0 Bundle #27 Functional Documentation and Additional Features October 2012 (ID 1501207.1). 

In addition to functional documentation, technical Bundle Install instructions and documentation is provided separately to technical support staff.    Included are listings that describe updates and areas of impact in the bundle, an index of all objects that have been added or altered and an extensive detailed listing of all changes made.   

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