How to HEUG Online-A HEUG for the Holidays

Well it is that time of year again. Santa is finalizing his lists of who has been naughty and nice. Santa’s elves are working overtime to finish their bundle testing, I mean gift making. Rest assured though, I have it on pretty good authority that everyone in the admissions community made the nice list due to all of the wonderful listserv activity, the great Alliance proposals that were submitted and the strong file parser webinar attendance. You should also know by now that the Admissions PAG never does anything without a bit of style and this holiday season is no different. We thought that we might help you get into the holiday spirit with a few Christmas carols. Who knows, these PAG renditions of classic Christmas songs may become perennial favorites!


Sending warm holiday wishes to you and yours from the Admissions PAG.


Now close the door to your office and sing along with us….

The 12 days of a HEUG Christmas

(Admissions PAG Style)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my HEUG friends gave to me:

12. A global perspective,

11. The sample online application,

10. ACT file layout changes

9. 9 Admissions PAG members,

8. An active, helpful listserv

7. An awesome admissions community,

6. File parser webinars


4. 4 maintenance bundles,

3. Feature packs aplenty,

2. Kay & Larry too,

1. And to you a safe & happy Holiday!


Our Favorite Things (Admissions PAG Style)

Sung in our best Julie Andrews voices

Listserv posts & quick clear responses

PAG members working and Oracle helping,

Maintenance bundles requiring tests,

These are a few of our favorite things.


Alliance in Indy and sessions aplenty,

The admissions community and webinars hosted,

AAWS, File Parser & SOLA

These are a few of our favorite things.


Global members & domestic ones too,

Sharing our knowledge through the listserv & e-mail,

Chances to learn from others experience.

These are a few of our favorite things.


When the system crashes,

When IT is busy,

When we need to clear our cache,

We simply remember our favorite things

And then we don’t feel so bad

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