M&Ms --- its not just about chocolate!

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Mars Company, there aren't too many parts of the world that haven't been exposed to the wonders of M&Ms.  Most of us have our favorite variety and maybe even favorite color.  Some like to sort their M&Ms before they eat them and then there are the true M&M fans who not only sort their M&Ms, but swear that their favorite color tastes better than any other color.  C'mon, you know who you are.  So, what does M&Ms have to do with the HEUG?

One of major parts of the value proposition for the Alliance Conference is networking.  For the opportunity to talk with your peers, learn from their experiences, and discuss ideas with other users --- there is no better place than an Alliance Conference.  But, especially as a 'first-timer', networking can be challenging at times and sometimes just when you get your networking 'mojo' going, the conference is almost over.  What if you could start your networking before the Opening Session even begins?  Welcome to the HEUG version of M&Ms.

New to Alliance this year is our version of M&Ms, better known as Mix and Mingles.  These sessions are on Sunday afternoon just before the Opening Session and are organized by track or product area.  The purpose of these sessions is to help you start your networking at the start of the conference and provide an opportunity for you to meet other attendees with your interests so that you can continue to network with them throughout the entire conference.

So, while our version of M&Ms may not be as delicious as the Mars Company version, these sessions will provide a lot of value and I hope that you will sign up and attend at least one of the Mix and Mingle sessions on Sunday afternoon.


Dave Baugh




February 24, 2009 11:38 PM by Frank Scobby

The Mix & Mingles are a great idea.  My experience from past Summits, Alliance and other conferences is as Dave's describes.  Its difficult to find a few people out of thousands who may share your interests.  The M&M session should be a means to meet peer members in advance of the conference so you then recognize them later.


Dave, please thank whomever came up with the idea for the M&Ms. 

M&Ms and BOFs

February 25, 2009 04:25 PM by Steve Grantham
Dave, to tie your two recent posts together, I think we can summarize things by saying that the M&M's will be a good new venue to get oriented to the community and make connections at the start of the conference, while the BOF's later during the conference are the place for in-depth discussions among each other and with Oracle.
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