Campus Solutions April 2013 Bundle Overview

Yesterday, I attended the Campus Solutions April 2013 Bundle Overview (coming soon to the HEUG Education Series Archive).
In it, Susan Beidler discussed "Getting Value from the Continuous 'Improvement' Model."
And specifically, provided short drilldowns into the following:

Tuition Calc Waiver
Program Enrollment
Enhanced Class Search
Rules Engine
Activity Management
Research Enrollment Tracking
Evaluation Management System
Delegated Access Framework
New User Registration Framework
Split Integration Integrity Utility
Long Name Fields for Person and Organization
Australian VTAC Updates

Truly an amazing amount of functionality being delivered for Campus Solutions in one bundle and so much of it for Student Records!

I highly recommend watching the archive copy of this Webcast, it's well worth your time. At the end, there's a slide that
shows the list of all TOIs (Transfer of Information sessions) coming throughout May for just this bundle: 17 in all!

I'm off now to see how long name fields affect table structures and our imports...


Archived Session

May 14, 2013 08:39 AM by Kimberly Barger Haydon

Where can we access the archived session from yesterday?

Archived Session

May 15, 2013 11:39 AM by Michele Thibodeau

On HEUG Online navigate to About the HEUG>Education Series>Archive & Recordings.  Click on the Watch! link.

Obviously, your institution's membership status will affect what can be viewed.

Hope this helps.

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