Bundle 30 Pre-Release Notes

Pre release notes for bundle 30 are now available – log on
 to Oracle Support and search for ID 1564811.1.

Rules engine is flavor of the month with info about how it is being integrated into
the rapidly maturing Program Enrolment and Activity Management functionality.
There are of course also other improvements to PEAM and other info about Rules
Engine. I believe that bundle 30 includes some fixes for some of the problems
that were introduced with bundle 29, but you will have to wait for the actual
release documentation for that. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in
things Governmental then you may also want to check out the Regulatory updates.
And if you really need to know everything there are even a few crumbs for
Admissions and Tuition Calc.

To finish
off for those who like to be really prepared there is a list of anticipated
documentation that will come with the bundle.
Happy reading


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