Inaugural Edition - Financial Aid PAG Blog

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Financial Aid PAG blog.  I am hoping to use this venue as a way to communicate thoughts, actions and ideas from the FA PAG.  

One of the rapidly approaching changes to the Financial Aid landscape is the impending leap from FFELP to Direct Lending.  For many of us, this is an enormous transition, for both the business processes that drive student lending, as well as how we integrate these processes into Campus Solutions.

Our community is fortunate to have several schools that have already moved down this path.  They have been very generous in sharing experiences, lessons learned and documentation.  The FA PAG feels this information is critical to the success of other schools looking out to the Direct Lending change.  As a way to promote the dissemination of this information, we’d like to let you know about two upcoming webinars on the DL Transition.   Scott Cho, of Higher Technology Solutions will be presenting a webinar titled “Moving from FFELP to Direct Lending” on October 16 via  To register, go to: .
And the Department of Education is also coordinating a set of webinars to allow vendors and/or expert users to present on Direct Lending in particular software environments.  The date for this webinar has not been set, but please watch for further information on this blog, or the PS FA HEUG Listserv.    

Finally, Rhonda Kilgore, (Oracle Campus Solutions, Product Strategy) will be attending the upcoming FSA Conference in Nashville.  She will be hosting an informal Oracle Financial Aid User group ‘gathering’.  We would like to invite anyone attending the conference to attend this gathering, and use the time there to discuss issues of interest to your school.

Stay posted for further information.

Tom Johnson, FA PAG Chair


Great Newsletter! But where's the cloud....?

September 14, 2009 12:18 PM by Elaine Nowak
Great newsletter!  Just wondering – where did the “cloud” come from – from searching heug on-line or someplace else?


September 15, 2009 12:12 PM by Heather Aksamit
2nd page, big black graphic with LOTS of words on it?  Am I the only one seeing it? ;-)


September 18, 2009 09:08 AM by Mary Walters
Hey, I'm glad you liked it.  The cloud in the newsletter is actually built off of all all the emails that were sent as part of the Issues forum for the month of August.  While the cloud is a web feature available on the HEUG blog page, I bootlegged our word cloud by extracting the text from emails and using Wordle ( to create the image. It's a nice, visual way of capturing the issues on the FA mind and their magnitude...
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