Veterans Benefits Reporting

Veterans Benefits Reporting

Delivered in Bundle 30


New functionality contains:

·         3 configuration pages

o   Veterans Instruction Mode Map

o   Net Tuition and Fees Setup

o   Payment Mapping

·         4 student data pages

o   Veterans Benefit Summary

o   Enrollment Certification

o   Veterans Payment History

o   Veterans Tuition Worksheet

·         2 processes

o   Create/Update Term Process

o   Rollover Benefit Summary


What is it?

A series of components/pages to manage an institution’s population of veteran students, in which you can track and report on enrollment certification, financial aid awards and payments.


How does it work?

·         Term based

o   For enrollment certification

o   For aid awarding

·         Students are manually added into the Veterans Benefits component because

o   PeopleSoft does not know if they are a veteran

o   PeopleSoft does not know the details about their service

·         Additional Features

o   Utilizes Common Attribute Framework so institutions can add fields related to Federal and State Benefits that they wish to track

o   Has a free text field for comments related to Federal and State Benefits

o   Has an attachment functionality so administrative users can include important student documents (i.e., DD-214)

o   Has a process to roll students over from term to term once they have been initially entered into the component (institutions can write their own pop select query to identify the exact population they wish to roll over)


Issues to be aware of:

·         Veterans Payment History and Veterans Tuition Worksheet do not account for non-disbursable item types. So if the Financial Aid Item Type has the “Disbursement Method” set to ‘No’ that item type will not be selected.

·         Before applying Bundle 31, the Rollover process only selects students who have the “Yellow Ribbon” box selected (Bug ID 17302248). This is fixed in Bundle 31.


Documentation available about this functionality available:

·         PeopleBooks Student Records update from Bundle 30 (My Oracle Support Doc ID 1571063.1)

·         Transfer of Information: Campus Solutions 9.0 Additional Features July 2013: U.S. Veterans Benefits Feature Overview (My Oracle Support Doc ID 1565375.1)

·         Advisor Webcasts: Campus Solutions Veterans Benefits Feature Overview (My Oracle Support Doc ID 1456265.1, Archived 2013)

1 Comment

Very helpful summary

December 11, 2013 02:26 PM by Carla L Boyd

For the U.S. Institutions, this Blog summary is a great way to start understanding the features.  Thanks AA!

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