What about my issue?

All of us have had an issue with some aspect of an application or tool at one time or another.  Either there is something that doesn't work the way you need it to or the desired functionality isn't there.  How do you find out if anyone else has this issue?  How do you start getting support for your issue?  One option is to use Issue Tracker in HEUG Online.  When you log into HEUG Online, there is a link on the main bar to the right called 'Issues'.  When you click on that, you will see all of the groupings of Issues.  When you click on one of those groups, you can view, comment, and vote on existing issues.  You can also see if there are any issues that you want to track and then subscribe to them.  Finally, you can submit issues so they can be tracked and managed by you and other users.  For more information on Issue Tracker, click here.  So, what happens once you log an issue?

Typically, these groups are owned by PAGs.  They regularly monitor Issue Tracker to be sure issues are being properly logged and maintenanced.  Issue Tracker is a great resource for them (and Oracle) in that it allows them to readily determine what issues exist, how many users are affected by the various issues, and determine potential members should more information be needed or a workgroup formed.  As such, Issue Tracker is a crucial means of making your voice heard and helping prioritize the issues that the PAGs address.  Plus, there is the added benefit of subscribing to those issues particular to you so that you can track their progress.  See you in Issue Tracker....


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