My Oracle Support for Campus Solutions!

Have you ever created a service request through My Oracle Support (MOS)? Have you ever unearthed an issue at your institution that led to a service request being created? Have you ever logged into MOS and been confused by all the options? If any of these are true, then the April 14, 2014, HEUG webinar “My Oracle Support—Best Practices, Tips & Resources” is just what you need!

Chris Warticki from Oracle Support presented information that is also outlined on his blog with step-by-step instructions. He demonstrated how to:

  • Customize your dashboard so when you log in, you only see the information that is of interest to you.
  • Define a “PowerView” that filters what products, articles and bugs you see for a defined area – I chose Campus Community, Student Financials, and Self Service.
  • Set up a “Hot Topics” email—the first one was delivered to my inbox the next day! It contains the most recent bugs, issues, and knowledge articles about Student Financials.
  • Select items as favorites.
  • Find all of the Oracle-produced Advisor webcasts. 
  • Manage, filter, and follow service requests for your institution.

Check out both the presentation and Chris’ blog for more information. With just a few minutes of setup, you can make the MOS landing page not only easier to use, but customize it to give you only what you need.  Ken Lyman, also from Oracle, presented in April to the Student Financials PAG on using MOS, complete with a number of helpful Doc IDs for easy searching!

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