HEUG Latin America 2014 - plus HEUG Upgrade update

HEUG Latin America 2014 is coming up May 29 and 30 in Bogota, Columbia.  Attendees will hear from Nicole Englebert (OVUM) about the use of technology to impact efficiencies and improve service; Mark Armstrong (Oracle) with product roadmaps, and Cole Clark (Oracle) about higher education transformation.  While there have been previous meetings in Latin America, this is the inaugural HEUG event in the region.  Nos vemos alli!

On the home front the HEUG Upgrade workgroups are off and running.  The four groups are:  1) Elections process, 2) Reorganization 3) Cloud apps monitoring and 4) Global integrations. The purpose of these discussions is to ensure the HEUG is poised to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future, as Oracle expands its products and markets.  Look for reports from the first two workgroups this summer, and the second two workgroups this winter.


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