MIDHEUG 2014 - Call for Proposals Still Open!

The Midwest HEUG is still open for Student Financials related presentation proposals. You are encouraged to submit a Student Financials presentation topic of your choice, and if you need some ideas, here are some suggested topics:

  • Equation Engine
  • Tuition Calc
  • Collections
  • SR/SF Integration
  • Related Content
  • AP Refunding
  • New Functionality
  • GL Interface tips and tricks
  • Student Financials BOF

To submit a presentation just click on this link - http://www.heug.org/p/cm/ld/fid=975

NOTE: There is a message that says Submissions close July 16, 2014, but you can disregard that. You should still be able to go to SELECT A TRACK – select Student Financials from the drop down and click Go. Fill out your details and submit. You are not required to submit your presentation powerpoint at this time.

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