My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC) Just Got Better

Oracle have been spending time enhancing the Communities sections of their services to bring together users from all over the world to share information between customers and Oracle employees to answer questions (perhaps taking a leaf out of the HEUG Forums).

First of all, there is the Oracle Communities hompage ( that gives quick access to all the difference communities that serve Oracle Users, from finding a user group (but none are as good as the HEUG), MOS Community (MOSC), OTN Community, Oracle blogs and so forth - a real wealth of information and connections to others using Oracle products.

My Oracle Support Community has today though had a major revamp to make it more intuitive and usable.

At the top is a drop down 'My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)' - by using the drop down menu you can navigate to the community or subspace you want to navigate to.

In the Overview tab from the top of the Sub Space, you can now Ask a Question dynamically to see if the question has been asked before, review latest news for that subspace, featured content and the recent acttivity of that subspace.

New in subspaces is now the Content tab - this allows users to review all the content in that subspace and filter. Most sub spaces have the options of 'All Content', 'Documents' and 'Discussions'. However, some of you may remember the MOSC Procurement Enhancements  - well these have now been moved into the main MOSC Procurement - EBS Community BUT in this community you can see and create new enhancement requests, now known as 'Ideas'.

To create an Idea you can click either the actions from the left hand menu under 'Actions' OR from the drop down menu at the top under 'Actions' OR even just from the Create dropdown at the very top. However, the ability to create an idea is only currently available to the Procurement -EBS Community. If you want it for more, create a discussion about it in the other communities and we will also push it through Oracle strategists on your behalf.

Lastly, and from ease of use you can see this better from the Content pages, you can now see clearly how many likes, bookmarks, replies and views a topic has. For Ideas, it is the Likes that Oracle are monitoring to see how many users want the idea implemented, so if you see an item you would like developing, give it a thumbs up!!

To find out more about the new features in MOSC there is a webcast on 6 August 2014. To register for the web conference please go to Document ID 1684344.1 in My Oracle Support for more details.



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