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Dear Members,

The HEUG PAGs and TAG have represented the core connections between HEUG and Oracle for many years. Their importance to our successes with and relevance to Oracle cannot be overstated. Our history of appointed membership in these Advisory Groups has worked well over the early years, but as HEUG as grown but in both numbers and geographic diversity the need for open access and transparency requires that the process of gaining membership in these groups move from appointed to elected memberships. However, recognizing the need for specific skill levels in these groups, the election process must assure that nominees have attained a skill level that is appropriate to serving on any of the Advisory Groups.

Over the past several months the PAG/TAG Election Workgroup developed a process to elect HEUG members to individual Product/Technical Advisory Groups. The Workgroup went through multiple iterations of this process and came to a simple approach that will bring transparency and accessibility to the process of placing new members on these important groups.

In accordance with the current PAG/TAG Charter Mission, the Election Workgroup recommends each Advisory Group maintain global diversity and balance by careful consideration of the appropriate mix of types of institutions and geographical representation. Each Advisory Group should be represented with members with functional and/or technical experience.

The structure of the PAG/TAG will incorporate two categories of membership, Full Voting and Alternate. The Associate member category will be eliminated, but two additional Full Voting member seats will be created. Alternate membership will provide a level of flexibility to the PAG/TAG each cycle should a specific skill, geographic or institutional category balance be required.

The election process for Full Voting members will consist of two phases, a Nomination Process and an Election Process. The Nomination Process will begin with each PAG/TAG compiling a list of the open Full Voting member positions and creating a list of needed skills for each of the open positions. These lists will be submitted to the HEUG Nomination & Elections Committee (N&E) to validate that the skill sets are applicable to a wide category of potential candidates. Once approved, communications will begin through HEUG Online with a call for nominations listing the open positions and skill sets required. In order to qualify as a candidate, the nominee must be an employee of a paid Institutional Member of HEUG and both the institution and nominee must have up to date profiles on HEUG Online.

Once nominations close, each PAG/TAG will then review and recommend the qualified nominees for the slate of candidates for election to the HEUG N&E Committee for a final check of the eligibility of the slated candidates. If a nominee is considered unqualified to stand for election to the PAG or TAG, the N&E committee will consult with both the PAG/TAG and the nominee to resolve any issues.

With an approved slate of candidates, the N&E Committee will prepare the ballot for the HEUG General Election. The voting process and the concept of weighted votes will be the same as found in the current Board elections conducted through HEUG Online, with one exception. It is imperative that voters for a specific PAG/TAG have some level of knowledge of/interest in the issues that involve the PAG/TAG in order to vote, so eligibility to vote for a candidate for a specific PAG/TAG will be restricted to those HEUG Members who have subscribed to the specific HEUG listserv related to the PAG or TAG. HEUG Members will need to subscribe to the specific PAG or TAG listserv by September 15, 2014.

Please click on the PAG or TAG below to subscribe to the listserv (you must click on the “subscribe to topic” button):

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Technical Advisory Group

The candidate(s) with the greatest number of weighted votes in each Advisory Group category will be elected to the PAG/TAG Advisory Group. In order to encourage access to membership in the PAG/TAGs, diversity in Advisory Groups and maximum participation by institutions of the HEUG, each PAG/TAG voting member is elected for a three year term and may be re-elected for an additional three year term through the prescribed election process. An individual is limited to a maximum of 7 years of service on any one PAG/TAG.

Alternate Members are appointed to a one year term by the PAG/TAG members following the conclusion of the election process and once new members have been on-boarded. All PAG/TAG members who hold positions concurrent with the implementation of this new election process will be allowed to complete their terms with the PAG/TAG. Once their current terms have ended, they will be subject to the new elections processes and term limit restrictions.

Again, please note you have until September 15, 2014 to subscribe to the PAG or TAG listserv. You must be subscribed to the listserv to be eligible to vote on October 1, 2014. If you are looking for more information on the PAG/TAG and what they do, click here to view the group descriptions. If you have questions or need additional information please contact us at


Steven Hahn
HEUG President


Where do I enter a PAG/TAG nomination?

September 5, 2014 08:49 AM by George MacDougall

I have diligently read and listened to the information regarding the new process but I can not locate the list of open positions nor a place to submit a nomination. 

I must have missed something...



Where to Submit PAG/TAG Nomination

September 5, 2014 04:13 PM by Linda Silver

Hi George,


If you select Surveys/Polls at the top of this page, then select  respond next to the '2015 Product and Technical Advisory Group (PAG/TAG) Nominations' survey on the page that opens, you will be able to submit a nomination. 


Linda Silver

Virginia's Community College System

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