HEUG’s 2015-2016 Strategies

The Board of Directors recently met with Oracle Leadership in Redwood Shores on July 9th, to discuss the HEUG’s 2015-2016 Strategies.  Your board is working over the next two months to create the HEUG’s ‘Story’.

Our story is needing to be told to further solidify our brand, highlight our values, and demonstrate our willingness to lead through change in a proactive manner.  The HEUG is at a critical juncture in the it’s life-cycle of relevance to our members as well as our partners, and we will maintain excellence in the things we currently do, while seeking additional opportunities to realize other successes.

The Board of Directors will ensure our future is bright and rewarding for our current volunteers, and establish a solid foundation for future education and advocacy for the greater good of higher education.

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