Oracle’s UX strategy: See where it’s heading on VoX

We’ve been hard at work refining our user experience message ahead of OpenWorld 2015. Even if you can’t make the conference, check out these new posts on the Voice of User Experience (VoX) blog.

Going Beyond the Notification: Transitioning With the Evolving Enterprise

In the first article of our strategy series, we talk about the transition of the enterprise -- the changing workforce, the increasing mobility -- and decipher how the user experience of the Oracle Applications Cloud is transitioning with it. Wondering when the innovation will reach your company’s Oracle applications system and affect you, or how much it's all going to cost? Look no further. This transition doesn’t have to hurt.

Big-Picture Innovation on the Path to a Better User Experience

In our second strategy post, we focus on the theme of mobility alongside the theme of simplicity and discuss where we get our inspiration. All of Oracle’s user experience projects are based on innovation, understanding the most important aspect of a task, and helping improve efficiency and productivity. If you want to know how we're innovating and what we're researching, read on. Emerging technology, such as smartwatches,is only the beginning.

Consistency, Context, Convenience, Participation? Check!

Our third strategy post digs into specifics and discusses the challenges and opportunities Oracle’s R&D team is facing in order to design that mobile user experience. You know that if users don't like the system, they won't use it, so what do we need to do to maximize participation? You won’t want to miss this.

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