Wearables and Planning for OpenWorld 2015

As we head into OpenWorld season, we pause to take another pass on wearables -- and let you know where to find us at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.

What time is it?

We’ve seen terrific traffic across the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) social media channels whenever we write about wearables and emerging technology. And we’re really interested in wearables from both a personal point of view and as a subject of our research around the evolution of the Oracle user experience. So it should come as no surprise that Jeremy Ashley, our Group Vice President, has a perspective on the Apple Watch, and has been test-driving it for the past several months. Read about his relationship with the “iWatch,” and other wearables, in “Apple Watch Impressions with Jeremy Ashley: Time for the Best User Experience in the Enterprise Cloud” on the Usable Apps blog. Don’t forget to read the first post in the series too, “A Glance at Smartwatches in the Enterprise: A Moment in Time Experience.”

Planning out your OpenWorld

The OAUX team is beginning to populate the Usable Apps Events page for Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Please check it out to see where you can meet up with us, and keep checking back! We will continue to make updates until the conference arrives.

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