Campus Solution 9.2 - The Bluffer's Guide

So you’ve heard about CS 9.2? But may not be quite sure what it is, or when you can get it?

We thought it may be helpful to give you the answers to those questions that you may be asking – or will be asking soon…

I thought that 9.0 was going to be the ‘last version’ of Campus Solutions?

That certainly seemed to be the plan!

Oracle announced in 2010 that in the future new functionality would only be delivered through ‘feature packs’ alongside the regular bundles – this was known as the ‘Continuous Delivery Model’.

These packs would an incremental roll-out of new features, the aim of which was to remove the burden of large-scale upgrades.

So why will there be a v 9.2? (and what happened to 9.1??)

Oracle have realised that the use of these feature packs may not quite have had the desired effect. The gradual introduction of new features meant that these often got ‘lost’ amongst the regular bundle application and maintenance process. As a result institutions weren’t undertaking the analysis and implementation of these (often pretty useful) new features.

Additionally, the CS team at Oracle really want to take advantage of new PeopleSoft tools and features  The most important of which are selective adoption which uses tools like the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) and the Fluid Interface.  However this requires all users to be on a certain base version of CS and PeopleTools, and this will not be the case whilst everyone is on 9.0 with varying take up of previous feature packs and different levels of PeopleTools.

By releasing a whole new version (i.e. 9.2) Oracle can ‘re-set the baseline’ and know that they can deliver new features  that can applied by everyone on that version. And institutions can use this release as the basis to request funding for a substantial system upgrade to get the opportunity to finally take a serious look at using all the functionality that has been rolled out of the past few years.   

By releasing CS 9.2 we will be in line with the other PeopleSoft products and can share the tools and features that they will be delivering. All those other product lines did have a v9.1 but thanks to the Continuous Delivery Model we missed that out – but we’ll soon be back in line.

One of the key tools that 9.2 will enable in CS is the introduction of PUM…

OK, so what’s PUM?

PUM in the ‘PeopleSoft Update Manager’ and without getting too techy it’s the new way that system manages maintenance, updates and new functionality will be introduced in the future. Basically it will allow your institution to decide exactly which updates to install, and when to install them so you should be able to take a much more flexible and efficient approach to updating your system, and staying current, in the way that you want to.  Oracle PeopleSoft provides a number references about PUM.  Most recently, a white paper titled Preparing for Selective Adoption in Campus Solutions 9.2.  is now available for download on the My Oracle Support KM Doc Information on PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.2 (Doc ID 1683816.1).  Also, the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) hosts a great  blog that has numerous posts about PUM as well. 


What will be in 9.2?

Initially CS 9.2 will introduce fairly little ‘new’ functionality (assuming you are already up to with bundles and feature packs!). At minimum, you will need to be current through the CS 9.0 July 2014 Bundle # 34 to upgrade to CS 9.2. The intention is that everything up to, and including CS 9.0 Bundle # 38 (July 2015) will be incorporated into CS 9.2. The important thing is that as soon as 9.2 is out, the Oracle team can start working on getting some really good updates out – which will take advantage of the new technologies available through PeopleSoft People Tools 8.54 and 8.55.

Will it be a big upgrade?

That really depends on you!

Upgrading to CS 9.2 could be a major upgrade project for you – particularly if you can use the new release as justification for resources to do this, and to take advantage of all that cool new stuff that has been delivered over the last few years.  Because  Oracle has not delivered new functionality in CS 9.2 release  which will reduce the amount of effort for the upgrade. 

If  you are already up to date with bundles etc (and perhaps even using much of the functionality that came with the bundles?), it could be a relatively painless experience for you.

Note – I did say “relatively”! It’ll still be a pretty significant effort and require a fair amount of testing and analysis etc.  Don’t just expect your tech guys to load it up! 

When is 9.2 released?

Oracle keeps saying that it will be out by the end of this year, and there’s no reason to doubt that at the moment. So we’d suggest keeping your eyes open in December…..

What should we do now?

Firstly, be aware that 9.2 is coming!

Since much of the “new” functionality that will be contained in 9.2 is already available through recent 9.0 feature packs it may be worth looking back at those release notes – and checking out presentations from Alliance and other HEUG conferences – to understand what this all offers and how other people have used them.  Another good place to learn about CS 9.2 is My Oracle Support Information on PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.2 (Doc ID 1683816.1) .

Then look at the demos and documentation about the new Fluid user interface – this looks like it will be a real game-changer in the way that users interact with PeopleSoft and could significantly enhance the perception of your CS system.

Then make sure that the decision-makers (and budget holders!) at your institution are aware of it and of the benefits that it could bring you. Then you can start planning together for how you may approach things…

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