2016 Advisory Group Election Results

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Dear Members,

I am very pleased to announce the results of the HEUG Advisory Group elections. 

This new 'generation' of members expects to work hard on your behalf in their advocacy and education roles. Make sure they understand your interests, priorities, successes and challenges by using the tools of HEUG.Online effectively - the listservs, the blogs, the webinars and the files.  Most importantly, when they reach out to you via surveys, take a few minutes to respond! That way we ensure that the HEUG is best placed to represent the changing needs of the sector to Oracle. 

Our Advisory Group members will also be at Alliance '16 in the beautiful city of Seattle. If you are attending please be sure to seek them out for a chat. 

Congratulations to our new members - welcome to the team!

Academic Advising

  • Tiffany Wendt- Texas Christian University
  • Deanne Wright- Ryerson University


  • Ravi Settipalle- Coppin State University
  • Enoch Woo- California State University System-Wide

Budget & Planning

  • Karla Dowd - University of Missouri System
  • Harish Venkataperumal - Columbia University

Contributor Relations

  • Catherine Gregory - University of Pennsylvania
  • Kathy Jacobson - Bellevue University
  • Nicolas Laplante - Universite Laval
  • Ellen Trantas - Bryn Mawr College


  • Susan Berry - Florida State
  • Victoria Hearn - UNITEC Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
  • Frank Leber - Moody Bible Institute

E-Business Suite

  • Sue Clements - University of Virginia
  • Mike Haward - University College London

Financial Aid

  • Daniel Labrecque -University of Nevada, Las Vegas

General Ledger

  • Scott Stuart - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Carol Gibson - Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Elizabeth Earl - Northwestern University
  • Gregory Stanis - University of Missouri System

Project & Change Management

  • Mary-Ann Bloss - University of Arkansas
  • Rommel Feria - University of the Philippines
  • Tonya Gray - Lone Star College System
  • Normandy Roden - University of Colorado

Student Financials

  • Audrey Emaus - New York University

Student Records

  • Lidia Anderson - Central WA University


  • Ryan Foxworthy - University of Nebraska Kearney
  • Josh Harmon - Texas Christian University
  • Sasank Vemana - Florida State University


Jane Broad
HEUG Executive Vice President of Product

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